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Forest School article published by the Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland

Posted by FSLI on July 5, 2017

A fabulous 3 page article called 'Growing with Forest School' has just been published by the Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland in their 'Early Edition' Winter 2017 emagazine. It was written by Anya Perkins, who is an Education Coordinator with Nature Play QLD. Anya also works for FSLI in Australia and was part of the team during our recent two week stay down under.

Early Edition is available in a digital format, please click here and navigate to pages 8, 9 & 10 to read the 'Growing with Forest School' article. A hard copy of this Winter 2017 edition will be available in due course, and this should be sent to the vast majority of Early Years Centres/Organisations in Queensland.

Well done Anya!

Click here to visit the Nature Play QLD website.

Click here to visit the Australia Childcare Alliance Queensland website.