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Chris leads Forest School masterclass in Queensland, Australia

Posted by admin on October 28, 2016

A 'masterclass' in Forest School has been launched in Queensland, Australia with FSLI director Chris Dee, along with trainers Tracy Betley and Chris Dee, leading a first training programme for Nature Play Queensland.


Team - taken by nature play qld.jpgNature Play QLD, a not-for-profit, community organisation, is charged with getting Queensland kids off screens and back playing outside, and they brought in FSLI to educate teachers in the value of taking lessons outside the classroom, and the evidence for how it dramatically alters a child's learning. 

Chris said: "Forest School is a learning ideology that aims to raise self-awareness and self-esteem in children by teaching hands-on learning experiences in the natural environment. While playing in nature, children become motivated learners. They are engaged and work with others more effectively, and learning is transferred back into the classroom."

kiki and friend.jpg"Doing forest school sessions with children never ceases to amaze me; the facilitative approach allows children to access learning, in their way, at their speed. We have many instances of children who will happily work with others outside where they struggle to do so inside."

"The opportunity to deliver Forest School training and ethos to Australia has been amazing. The training we provided has been customised to reflect Queensland environments, ecology and curriculum. We are delighted by our new and very positive partnership with Nature Play QLD, and hope to be back in 2017 to develop this exciting initiative further."

More about Nature Play Queensland here


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