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Forest School Learning Initiative case study

Posted by admin on April 9, 2015

HB began coming to Forest school in the summer term. He struggles with concentrating, listening, communicating and his speech is a little delayed.

At first HB wasn't so keen on the whole Forest School thing, he would be the last to get ready in his wellies and waterproofs. He would watch the other children and just wait to be helped with changing. As the weeks progressed HB developed a soft spot for Mr Nuts, my squirrel puppet who lives in my Forest School ruck sack. Mr Nuts helps the children remember the Forest School rules, and is passed round at base camp when we share what we've been doing during the session. When we all leave base camp to get on with our activities and exploring, HB likes to find Mr Nuts and holds him tight, he chats away to him, smiling and laughing.

HB will have a go and try the mud painting or the treasure finding, but I think his favourite game is 123 where are you? He runs off to hide, he knows what to call and that he needs to stay still, and he gets so excited when he's found, his facial expressions say it all.

This term we have noticed a huge development with HB, he now is the first to get ready for Forest School, he sits and waits for the others excitedly. He knows the rules and the routines, so well in fact that we now ask him "what comes next?" and when we are in a circle ready to do sticky elbows he says "Mix, mix, blob, blob, blob, blob, 123 squelch", everyone copies him leading this part of the routine. His smile just melts you heart!

Forest school has helped HB with his confidence and self esteem, his speech and communicating skills, his understanding of what comes next and his listening and concentration.

He is a joy and inspiration to us all.